My name is Ryan Vannucci.
I am a videographer, video editor, and photographer based in Seattle, WA.
Video Production​​​​​​​
I'm always looking forward to my next day on set. Hire me to direct, produce, or shoot your project.
Or, chat with me about your advertising needs. The right video or content stream can take your business to the next level. 
Need a hand on set? I also collaborate with studios and other freelancers as a camera op, AC, and production assistant. 
Video Editing
I edit a wide range of video content from video ads to documentaries to short films. 
Multi-cam podcasts, music videos, product demos, sizzle reels, you name it. Send me the footage and let's get your video online! 
Studio portraits, company headshots, graduation portraits, live events, product and food photography, and more! I'm here to make you look your best. 
I also produce creative photography projects to explore expression, commentary, and aesthetics.  If you have an idea you think I can help enhance, let me know! 
The Old Portal
Was/Is the internet really full of promise? Or was it doomed to become an anti-social hellscape—Huxley's House of Horrors—from the very beginning?
You hear it everywhere these days. But who knows what the word STORY really means? Is there hope for our cherished human institution—storytelling—in the future where we're headed?