Employee headshots and professional portraits are often the first impression clients and partners have of you and your team. That's why I am dedicated to providing exceptional headshots that reflect the unique character of each individual while maintaining a cohesive style that aligns with your brand.
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The way you light a portrait matters. You can get away with natural lighting in some cases, but the sun is always moving, results are hard to keep consistent.

I provide studio quality lighting anywhere you like. While studios provide the most control, my set up in highly portable and can even be used outdoors.
Employee Headshots: Tailored to meet the specific needs of large companies in Seattle. I offer on-location shoots to make the process convenient for your team.
Professional Headshots: Perfect for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and marketing materials. Professional headshots will help you present your best self.
Creative Portraits: Lifestyle portraits designed for websites, Instagram pages, and other social media platforms. These creative portraits capture personality and context in a more relaxed, engaging style.
The Process
1. Consultation: We’ll discuss your vision and specific requirements for your headshots.
2. Scheduling: I offer flexible scheduling to minimize disruption to your business operations.
3. Photography Session: With a mobile studio setup, I bring professional lighting and backgrounds to your Seattle location.
4. Editing: Each headshot is carefully edited and retouched to enhance professional appearance while retaining natural characteristics.
5. Delivery: Quick turnaround times with digital delivery, ensuring you have your professional headshots ready for immediate use, in whatever format you need.
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Remember when you got your school picture taken, and you weren’t sure if your hair looked right, or if your collar was wrinkled, or if your eyes were all the way open?

Yeah. No time for that.

My camera is connected to my laptop when I shoot, so clients can quickly review enlarged versions of their portrait, make quick adjustments, and choose a version that makes them feel the most confident.
When it comes time to put your photos online, formatting them appropriately can be tricky. Compressing images to web-friendly formats and sizes using common tools can lead to color loss and pixilation.

I work with you directly to provide the right files to suit your needs. If, for example, your website platform is requesting photos that are .PNG and below a certain file size, I can directly export images that are optimized for that context. No hassle on your end.

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